The dream was had by few. But its repercussions will be felt by many.

A horribly dark, masked person, surrounded by evil giants and goblins, forced you to traverse his crudely built maze in some far-off vale. After being taunted by a bull-headed giant, and stalked by walking skeletons, you barely survived, but some of those with you did not. Upon your return, the Caller, as the dark one called himself, could barely keep from chuckling with glee as he thanked you for the entertainment, and sent you back to sleep.

So it is that the People of the known lands are slowly learning of the Caller. Yet the city-states of humans, grey elves, and hill dwarves continue to grow. As the People rebuild after the wars of the Second Age, as dragons continue to watch the unknown lands and dark places, and as the gods let it happen with their blessing, trouble brews.

The Caller's Challenge