Giants are the tall, heavy neighbors of the humans. They can reach up to nine feet in height, and weigh up to 600 pounds. They have light or tan skin, large teeth, and pointed heads. Giants call themselves Ogre.

Most giants can be found in either the Illinus region, or the Great Curtain, where they live in tribes. Many live amongst the humans, but are typically treated as second-class citizens.

Giants worship Kord, god of Strength, as their primary god, yet pay homage to the many other gods worshipped by humans.

A prophecy amongst the giants is that when Kord deems it necessary, he sends a ruler to the giants in the form of a blue-skinned babe. Called the Ogre Mage, this ruler has magical powers granted by Kord himself. By uniting the Ogre, he will protect them from the evil races and magical creatures, and bring prosperity to all.


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